About Us

All of our work is underpinned by our vision, aims and values. The statements below are the guiding principles for our school improvement planning and each strategic decision the school makes.


Vision Statement

At Heap Bridge Village Primary School, we aspire to ensure that each and every one of our pupils develops in to a positiveproactive learner who is proud of their achievements and well prepared for a successful life. Delivered through a vibrant curriculum, we believe that learning should be enjoyable, purposeful and challenging. We will equip pupils with the skills and dispositions they need for lifelong learning, teach them the importance of being proactive, taking ownership of their own futures and ensuring they develop the highest expectations for themselves in their pursuit of excellence. We will do this within a safe and supportive environment of mutual understanding, positive relationships, respect and tolerance. Regardless of any barriers to learning, we will ensure that we work in partnership with school stakeholders to ensure that every child in our school can be proud of what they achieve.


Mission Statement

Working together, learning together; encompasses our commitment to developing every child through our partnerships with all stakeholders in their education.


Our Core Values & Aims

The core values and aims which underpin our vision for the school are:

  • BE POSITIVE: To enable children to develop positive attitudes in life, developing independence and resilience. To respect individual differences, and to be sympathetic to the needs of others. To create a happy, safe and nurturing environment instilling the fundamental values of respect and tolerance.
  • BE PROACTIVE: To ensure children develop intellectually, morally, socially, emotionally and physically in to well-rounded citizens and ready for the next stage of their life. To feel empowered in taking ownership of their own continuous learning.
  • BE PROUD: To ensure everyone values their own achievements and feel a sense of pride in their continuous pursuit of excellence. To work in partnership with parents and other stakeholders in celebrating the strengths of the school (and school community) providing opportunities for children to fully develop their potential.


Professional Pledges

Have the highest expectations of what children can achieve and work with them positively and enthusiastically in pursuit of excellence. Continuously promote and instil a ‘have a go’ attitude alongside the characteristics of perseverance and resilience.

Ensure we are pro-active in remaining up to date with the latest developments in educational practice and subject knowledge in our pursuit of high standards of academic and personal success. Pupil’s falling behind in English or maths will receive timely and evidence-based support to enable them to reach their potential.

Celebrate individual and collective strengths – promoting the feeling of pride and engaging parents and carers with their child’s learning.