Admission Arrangements


Parents interested in securing a place at our school should visit the Rochdale LA website. All places for our upcoming Reception intake and any in year transfers are arranged through the local authority. Parents should use the links above to navigate to the Rochdale Local Autority website where you can select the most appropriate information to help you register a place at our school.


If you are interested in our school or have already secured a place for your child - please also read the information on the related pages linked above; information, uniform and our new starters download area.


What is the admission criteria?

​For community and voluntary controlled schools we allocate places in the following order:

​Where a child has a statement of Special Educational Needs naming a specific school, the child will be allocated a place before any other places are allocated.

The remaining applications are considered in the following order of priority:

  1. Children in the Care of a Local Authority.
  2. Children with exceptional medical needs or exceptional welfare considerations which are directly relevant to the school concerned.
  3. Children with older siblings attending the school.
  4. Children with church affiliation, only applicable to Voluntary Controlled Church of England Schools.
  5. Children eligible for the service premium.
  6. ​Proximity, where you live.