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Early Help

Early Help is about helping children, young people and families to deal with any issues as early as possible, before they turn into big problems.

It is about providing information, advice or services at the right time to meet a family's needs and to support them in resolving any concerns as soon as they emerge.

Every family is unique and everyone can go through problems that are difficult to deal with. Often it's useful for families to know exactly who can help them, such as a council service, a charity or a health provider.

At Heap Bridge, Mrs Murphy, our Learning Mentor is our family link lead to all Early Help services. If you feel you and your family would benefit from additional support please come in to school and ask for Mrs Murphy.

Following a meeting with you Mrs Murphy will consider the suitability of completing a Common Assessment Framework (CAF), which brings together different services to discuss any concerns in your family and help you solve them. If you would like to discuss having a CAF or just need more information please contact Mrs Murphy or alternative you could go straight to the Local Authority CAF Team on 01706 925127 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Use the link below to Rochdale Council's Early Help pages to find the range of services available.