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Handwriting Expectations

Below is an overview of the expectations for handwriting standards across year groups. This information is to support parents in their understanding of the standards your child should be achieving and to give you guidance if you feel your child needs additional support in this area. Please your your child's class teacher if you require further support.


Reception Class

By the end of Reception we expect the vast majority of our children to be able to form their letters corectly and on a line. We also expect children to have developed the correct way of holding a pencil 'triangulation grip' (see below).


Year 1 & 2

By the end of Year 1 children have been introduced to basic joins. This is extended across Year 2.




Year 3 & 4

By the end of Year 3 & 4 children should now be confident in a fluent and cursive style. Most children will have moved on to using a pen.



Year 5 & 6