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Blended (home/school) learning strategy 2020


At Heap Bridge Village Primary School, we aspire to ensure that each and every one of our pupils develops in to a confident learner who is proud of their achievements and well prepared for a successful life. The Coronavirus pandemic has given schools a unique opportunity to truely develop our teaching and learning strategies to develop and integrate with the learning potential inherent with an online environment.


Delivered through a vibrant curriculum, we believe that learning should be fun, purposeful and challenging. We aim to equip pupils with the skills and dispositions they need for lifelong learning, teach them the importance of taking ownership of their own futures and ensure they develop the highest expectations for themselves in their pursuit of excellence. There is now a clear need to adapt our school curriculum and classroom teaching to enable pupils to gain an equaly access to their educational entitlement and to ensure our blended learning strategy further champions our aims to promote the skills required to be 'independent learners'.


We will do this within a safe and supportive environment of mutual understanding, positive relationships, respect and tolerance. Regardless of any barriers to learning, we will ensure that we work in partnership with pupils, parents and other school stakeholders to ensure that every child in our school achieves the very best that they can.


In the event of pupils being required to self-isolate, the closure of bubbles or whole school closures, the following information sets out what pupils and parents can expect by way of home learning support and continued education provision during the challenges inherent with the current coronavirus pandemic.

Unlike the initial period of school closures during the summer term (2020), we are now much better prepared for the potential of medium to long-term periods of pupils’ absence from school and how to minimise the impact of this on the quality of their education. We have worked with partners from the DfE to establish a more comprehensive online learning platform using G-Suite. This gives pupils and staff access to a range of interactive learning tools including the ability to present virtual (live) lessons.


GC banner copy copy


Pupils in Years 2-6 can use the Google Classroom button below to log in to their school account.

Google Meet - Parent Consent Form


We have started developing some Google Classroom help videos for parents... please use the links below:

Signing in to your Google account

Editing a PDF using Kami


What we expect from parents:

  • Ensure your child has access to Google Classroom (Y2-6), Tapestry (Rec/Y1) and Google Meet (Rec-Y6) on a suitable device (large tablet/laptop/PC) if your child currently works on a small tablet or phone, please let school know so we can prepare possible support solutions. NOTE: If parents are currently considering purchasing a new device to support with school work, we would recommend a buying Chromebook.
  • Complete the parent consent form for the use of video conferencing (Google Meet)
  • Ensure your child has access to WIFI or can tether to a mobile hotspot (again, if you cannot provide this, please let school know BEFORE ANY FUTURE CLOSURES)


In the event of self-isolation, bubble or school closures

  • Support your child in maintaining a suitable daily routine i.e. ensure children continue to get up at a suitable time each day and are well prepared to access the daily lessons/learning activities provided by school.
  • Ensure your child can access any live teaching opportunities and encourage them to complete work set to a high standard and submit learning activities within the given time-frame.


What pupils and parents can expect from school:

  • Support with access to our G-Suite environment (for further support parents should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT TEACHING STAFF THROUGH CLASS DOJO
  • Confidence that pupils are working within a secure learning environment, set up to meet the online safety requirements set by the DfE.
  • A ‘recommended’ daily timetable to support with establishing and maintaining suitable learning routines while at home.
  • Regular streamed ‘lessons’ (via Google Meet) where pupils can engage with direct teaching from their class teacher and support staff (see overview for different year groups below).
  • Daily/weekly learning activities and projects linked directly to your child’s year group within our whole school curriculum.
  • Support and guidance via group and individual feedback through Tapestry (Rec/Y1) and Google Classroom (Y2-6).


How will it work…

Staff are currently working to familiarise themselves and our pupils with the new Google environment. During September, pupils will be given activities and homework tasks to complete to ensure everyone knows their way around their new Google Classroom (Y2-6).



Promoting our Curriculum

"To ensure children develop intellectually, morally, socially, emotionally and physically in to well-rounded citizens and ready for the next stage of their life."

Each year group has considered the practicality of delivering subject content remotely via Google Classroom or Tapestry (Rec/Y1) before establishing a two week timetable to cover the event of any bubble closures (typically subject to a 14 day self-isolation). This 'short term' closure timetable will focus on core areas of the curriculum with a clear emphasis on phonics and reading, mathematics and other subjects such as science and humanities. 

Subjects not covered within this tow week timetable will be covered on pupils return to school where we have more consistent access to the resources needed i.e. art materials, construction...

Lessons delivered through our online learning platform will include a range of material such as PowerPoints, live lessons, videos, research projects, investigations, extended writing tasks.   It is the responsibility of class teachers to decide which approach suits the subject / topic / year group / ability group the most.  We would also encourage teachers to consider a variety of ways for pupils to submit their work such as presentations (using Google Slides), videos, voice recordings, images, animations as well as editing worksheets and work written in Google Docs etc. 



Promoting independence

"To enable children to develop positive attitudes in life, developing independence and resilience while taking ownership of their continuous learning."

The more opportunities we can provide for pupils to research and learn for themselves, the better chance we have of developing ‘independent learners’.  For our younger pupils and those pupils who are not yet ‘independent learners’, we must structure and scaffold this learning by providing clear models for success, signposting resources online and providing some specific tasks to complete. 

We also acknowledge how many of our parents are key in promoting the success of our pupils while accessing learning from home and we are committed to supporting families as much as we can within our blended learning strategy.



Parents can support this effort by logging in to pupil accounts on home devices and getting use to the way our new online learning environment works.


The information below is a suggested daily routine only. As parents ourselves, we know all too well that establishing a home learning environment is very different to the one your child experiences at school. This is why we would recommend maintaining a regular and familiar routine during the period of school closures or self-isolation. It is far too easy to allow your child to stay up later and stay in bed for longer in the morning but this will make things much harder for you in the long run. It will also make it much harder to get back in to a school routine when pupils return.


Recomended Daily Routine:



Get up...  wash hands (for 20 seconds of course), have breakfast, clean teeth!



Exercise... In the event of a full school closure, our sports coach Miss Hayward will be streaming daily strech and HITT sessions for children to join. the first of these will be scheduled before registration... others will be displayed daily on your Google Meet schedule.

If you miss Miss Hayward's sessions, you can still access Joe Wicks workouts on YouTube andGo Noodle is a another popular site we use in school.



Registration: Pupils who are self isolating or (in the event of partial or full school closures) have been asked to stay at home, are still expected to join in the daily registration each morning. This is to ensure class teachers maintain daily contact with pupils not in school and further support parents in helping to keep motivation for online learning tasks as high as possible. Teachers will keep records of attendance at virtual registrations sessions and live teaching lessons durring any closures.



Home learning tasks... Ensure you have linked to your Google Classroom or Tapestry account (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have not recieved information on how to do this) to recieve daily/weekly home learning challenges. Keep your eye out for the times of any live streams for English and maths lessons through Google Meet.

Ensure your child completes tasks to the best of their ability and posts evidence of their work and learning within Google Classroom.



Read a book... please, please, please, try to ensure your child continues to practice their reading and reads for pleasure. You can use our class Bookflix titles or any other reading material you think is appropriate but please, please, please keep on top of the reading!

If you do not have any 'real books' at home, there are numerous websites offering free online books for children of different ages. See below:

Oxford Owl


Children in our younger classes can also practice their phonics using the following weblink:

Phonics Play


Reception - Phase 2 and Phase 3

Year 1 – Phase 4 and Phase 5 (National phonics check in June)

Year 2 – Phase 6



Get some lunch... consider healthy options and maybe even involve your child in preparing or cooking their own food (with adult supervision where approariate). Children entitled to free school meals are still entitled to do so.

Please contact the school (or email the office, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for further details.


1:00pm - 3pm:



Home learning tasks... Continue with taskes set within Google Classroom and Tapastry.




The following are additional links to support Health and Wellbeing at home.

Supermovers - have numerous videos that will get your children active. The videos link to the curriculum so will keep the children active whilst still learning.

Childline Tool Box has a calm zone where you can access activities, breathing exercises, yoga, games and videos on ways to cope and expressing emotion

Imoves have ‘Active blasts’ including workouts, yoga and pilates

Action For Happiness produce monthly calendars to support mindfulness

Blissful Kids share mindful game ideas

Babbledabbledo share creative activity ideas



Cosmic Kids Yoga

Jumpstart Jonny Workouts

Guided Meditation For Kids