Today, Year 3 visited Brockholes nature reserve in Preston and what a day they had going back in time to the Stone Age – even the weather didn’t spoil our day. Here are some pictures from across the day.

First was shelter building, after all, to survive you need a shelter to live in. The children were shown how to build, strengthen and weather proof their shelter and then it was down to them. The key to this task was listening to each other and communication.

Next we had fire lighting. We needed fire for warmth, light and cooking in the Stone Age. The children were shown how to use flint and sticks to light a fire – it’s not as easy as it looks and perseverance was definitely the key here.


After lunch was hunting time. The children had to test their aim accuracy in order to win food to eat. Mammoths, saber tooth tigers and deer were all for the taking. If nothing could be caught then berries and nuts were for dinner.


Finally we took part in some Stone Age cave art. The children looked at images taken from inside caves and created their own art work on rocks which they then hid around their shelters.


Year 3, you were all amazing today, well done!

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Sharon Psaila · 2 October, 2021 at 10:01 am

Wonderful photographs. Looks like you all had an amazing day. I know Tori did. She actually said she wanted to stay.
Glad the rain didn’t spoil it for you.

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