Along with four other schools, Heap Bridge were asked to come up with a science experiment and enter into a competition which was held at Hopwood Primary School. So this afternoon Miss Forbes, Miss Morris and six very excited children from Year 2 took part in the ‘Science Experiment Olympics’. Our experiment was measuring how far the (pretend) chick could be catapulted depending on how high the catapult was built.

We moved around the room competing in all the different investigations, we experimented with materials to protect an egg from breaking when dropped from a height..

We loved the three little pigs building experiment, until the big bad wolf (a hairdryer) came and blew them down! Our team worked in pairs to work out the best way to build a secure and safe home for the pigs..

Next we tested if the amount of bicarbonate of soda affected how fast the volcano erupted, we loved mixing with the food colouring and we were amazed with the chemical reaction!

Our last stop was producing a suitable boat for the pirate, we had to think hard and work as a team to decide which materials would be waterproof, non-absorbent and good enough to stop the pirate from sinking! We did amazing, the boat floated brilliantly and the pirate only got his toes wet!

Finally it was time for the winning school team to be announced but there was a tie between three schools! So we had to do an extra activity moving jelly from one place to another using chop sticks and….


Miss Forbes is extremely proud of how well behaved, polite, respectful and sensible the children were and of course we were over the moon to be the winners! What a wonderful, inspiring and fascinating afternoon learning all about the magic of science!



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