In today’s RE lesson we learnt all about how Christians use the messages from God in the Bible as a way to live their lives. A significant message that shines through the Bible is to treat people with kindness, the ‘Golden Rule’ is to treat others the way you expect to be treated and as a class we agreed with this rule!

We discussed what negative feelings we sometimes may experience and then came up with solutions for how we could change these into positive feelings. We related our feelings to the zones of regulation and pinched some of the words from the blue zone on our display.

In our groups we took part in some roleplay, we understand that sometimes people may not necessarily voice how they feel and so we may have to ask if people need help, cheering up or just a listening ear. The children were excellent at roleplay and it was lovely to see unhappy faces turn into smiles!

We loved working together to make each other smile and we have accepted Mr Cockcroft’s challenge to spread our kindness through the school 🙂

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