Year 1 Class Assembly

We have been working hard to learn our lines and songs for our class assembly, relating to our English unit (Traditional Tales). Today we performed Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the children were all amazing! Thanks to all of the adults that came to watch, the children were very excited Read more…

Plant Hunting

Today we had a plant hunt in the environmental area. The children enjoyed using their magnifying glass to look at the flower in detail. We were able to identify lots of common flowers.

Making our vehicles

In DT, we have been learning all about vehicles including how they move. The children are confident talking about wheels, axles and axle holders. We designed our own vehicles and today the children brought their designs to life. The children even used a saw and hammer to help them create Read more…

Smoothie making

We prepared the fruit and vegetables to make smoothies. Then we used a blender and the children made a prediction on which would be their favourite. I wonder if you can guess which one we liked best by looking at our facial expressions.  

Materials around us

In science we have been learning about materials. The children can identity what an object is made from, today we discussed the properties of these materials. The children each chose an object from around the classroom and told us the material and a property of the material. “It is made Read more…

Key Stage 1 Nativity 2021!

Year 1 and Year 2 have absolutely loved working together to create their Nativity performance. We have danced and sang our socks off for the past few weeks and it definitely paid off today! The kings were majestic, the sheep were super cute and the shepherds performed excellently! Our villagers Read more…

Tortoises in Year 1

In science we have been learning about classifying animals. Today we had special reptiles visit our class.. Tortoises! The children loved touching the tortoises, holding the tortoises and feeding the tortoises. They asked some super questions.