Year 3 explore friction

This half term in science we are learning about forces. This week we have been looking at friction through a number of investigations. Investigation one – The children used force metres to explore the friction between a range of surfaces and their shoe. They found out it was much easier Read more…

Chester Zoo

We have had a wonderful day at Chester Zoo, the children loved seeing all the different animals and learning new facts. Everybody was so well behaved and made me very proud. Well done Year 1! We hope that you enjoy looking at our photographs.

Our Invertebrate Hunt

Today Year 4 discussed what an invertebrate was and where we might find some in our local environment. In pairs we had our clipboards at the ready with our classification key to help us identify what we found. As well as documenting what we found, we also carefully collected specimens Read more…

Year 6 lung capacity testing

This afternoon Year 6 tested their lung capacities by blowing into balloons and using string the measure their circumferences. Before the experiment everyone made a prediction about who would have the largest lung capacity- there were some surprising results!  

Year 3 – Soil detectives

Today Year 3 have been learning all about the different layers of soil. We even made our own dirt puddings to show the different layers – Yummy   Next week we will be finding out how soil is made and then testing different soil types for their properties.

Future heart surgeons!

This afternoon Year 6 continued developing their understanding of the circulatory system by dissecting lamb hearts! The children really enjoyed exploring different parts and making comparisons with human hearts. Whilst some children weren’t very keen on the smell, it was certainly a lesson which won’t be forgotten!

Year 3 Fossil Hunters

In Science, we have been learning all about fossils. The children have been examining fossils and learning about how they are formed. They also made some of their own fossils. We also researched a lady called Mary Anning who discovered some of the first prehistoric fossils on the Jurassic Coast. Read more…

Year 3 Exploring Rocks

This afternoon, we started our unit of work on rocks and soils. The children became science detectives to identify a range of rocks using a set of given criteria. We also explored how rocks are formed using chocolate. The children explored sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous formations.

Plants in Year 1

  We have loved our new unit in science, we observed leaves using lots of adjectives to describe and compare them.. We have really enjoyed the plant area in our continuous provision, it has been super fun gardening and getting messy! We were fascinated at all the different shaped and Read more…

Year 3 Exploring Shadows

This afternoon, we have been exploring the question “How can we change the size of a shadow?” We moved the light source away from the object at various distances and then measured the size of the shadow. The children then enjoyed making some hand shadow animals and trying to make Read more…

Year 3 explore reflecting light

This week we have been learning about how we can reflect light using mirrors to change the direction of the light beam. The children completed a range of tasks including symmetrical pictures, hit a target and follow a wavy line using only a mirror.