Year 3 explore shadows

Today Year 3 have been learning all about shadows. We explored how to create a shadow and also how to increase and decrease the size of shadow by the position of the torch. We then used this knowledge to create our own shadow puppet theatres. Well done Year 3.

Plant Hunting

Today we had a plant hunt in the environmental area. The children enjoyed using their magnifying glass to look at the flower in detail. We were able to identify lots of common flowers.

Year 2 Science Competition

Along with four other schools, Heap Bridge were asked to come up with a science experiment and enter into a competition which was held at Hopwood Primary School. So this afternoon Miss Forbes, Miss Morris and six very excited children from Year 2 took part in the ‘Science Experiment Olympics’. Read more…

Push and pull!

This week in Reception we have been taking part in a science experiment outside. We explored a range of different objects outside and how we can move them without touching them. We used our previous knowledge of magnets and through trial and error, we picked up the pipe cleaners using Read more…

Materials around us

In science we have been learning about materials. The children can identity what an object is made from, today we discussed the properties of these materials. The children each chose an object from around the classroom and told us the material and a property of the material. β€œIt is made Read more…

Tortoises in Year 1

In science we have been learning about classifying animals. Today we had special reptiles visit our class.. Tortoises! The children loved touching the tortoises, holding the tortoises and feeding the tortoises. They asked some super questions.

Year 3 explore friction

This half term in science we are learning about forces. This week we have been looking at friction through a number of investigations. Investigation one – The children used force metres to explore the friction between a range of surfaces and their shoe. They found out it was much easier Read more…