Year 6 – Macbeth👑

In English this half term, we are exploring the playscript Macbeth by William Shakespeare. As an introduction to his work, we used drama to explore and understand the meaning behind some of the vocabulary used. Take a look at our amazing drama skills, we have definitely developed this over the Read more…

Year 6 – Maths ➕➖

This week during Maths, we are using support from our peers to progress and exceed. In today’s lesson we looked at adding and subtracting decimals, we used games to develop our understanding. After the lesson, every child felt more confident and believed that had accomplished in the lesson. 🤩🌈  

Geography – food miles.

In Geography this week, we have been looking at where our food comes from. We collected food packaging and worked out the distance it had travelled to be in our homes 🍏🍓🥝🍅. We also enjoyed the sunshine whilst learning☀️🌈.