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Programming Standards

Year 6

Children understand that efficient algorithms and procedures can be used to solve problems and plan for specific outcomes. Children recognise the need to break problems up into smaller parts to achieve a solution. Children understand that feedback from monitoring can be used in control procedures and to create programmes to solve problems. Children understand the need for logical reasoning to detect and correct errors in a program and link this to errors in the original algorithm planned. Children understand when they will need to use a variable in a program.

  • Record in some detail the steps (the algorithm) that are required to achieve an outcome and refer to this when programming
  • Predict the outputs for the steps in an algorithm, increase confidence in the process to plan, program, test and review a program.
  • Write a program which follows an algorithm to solve a problem for a floor robot or other model
  • Write a program which follows an algorithm to achieve a planned outcome for appropriate programming software
  • Group commands as a procedure to achieve a specific outcome within a program. Control on screen mimics and physical devices using one or more input and predict the outputs
  • Understand how sensors can be used to measure input in order to activate a procedure or sequence and talk about applications in society


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