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Mathematics Leaders


The maths leader programme started in 2016 as the first of our older pupils began to reach the end of our challenging maths passports (individual mental maths targets). As pupils reach the end of the scheme they are appointed as maths leaders and are trained by the Headteacher to assess and support younger or less able pupils with their personal passport targets. This role is given a high status across the school as the maths leaders are the only people beyond the Headteacher and Deputy allowed to assess and pass pupils within the passport scheme. It is usually the maths leaders who are selected to represent the school in the local interschool ‘Mathletics’ competition which provides an opportunity for the best mathematicians across our partnership of schools to compete at the highest level. Heap Bridge have won this competition for the last two years..




As maths leaders we are very proud of standards in mathematics at Heap Bridge. We think one of the reasons for for our success is the our Mathematic Passports. You get your first passport when you start in Reception and you keep getting them right up to Year 6.

You can download these by following the link from the main menu.