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Digital Leaders

Our elite team of digital leaders are part of a wider digital leader programme facilitated through the ARCH Alliance Collaborative Group of schools. Their aim is to promote the safe use of technology throughout the school. This, of course, includes promoting safe practices when using technology, the internet a general guidance regarding personal safety online.



 Alternatively you can view the digital leaders' blog roll on our school blog site:

E-Safety Leaders


The digital leaders also take the leading role in promoting e-safety throughout the school. Their work complements the whole school focus throughout the computing curriculum and the biannual e-safety training delivered by a CEOP trainer. Each year the digital leaders help to run our e-safety week and survey children throughout the school to gain an insight in to online practices.


The rest of this webpage and information below was designed and crafted by our digital leaders to promote e-safety and provide guidance for parents and pupils. The buttons below take you to posts on our school blog.