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Funding  Information

See below for further details on:
1. School Budget
2. Pupil Premium Strategy
3. Sport Funding

1. School Budget

Budget Summary 2016-17

Total ISB Budget £745,469
Estimated Pupil Premium Share £70,260
Staffing (Teaching and Support) £588,000
Staffing (Admin) £25,800
Cleaning & Caretaking £35,000
Catering & Lunchtime (staff) £54,500
Breakfast & After School Club (staffing) £23,000
Resources for Teaching & Learning £104,000
Devolved Capital £5700



2.  Pupil Premium Grant (PPG)


School Principles for the Allocation of PPG Funds:

  • We ensure that the teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all pupils.
  • We ensure that appropriate provision is made for pupils within vulnerable groups; this includes ensuring that the needs of socially disadvantaged pupils are assessed and addressed.
  • In making provision for socially disadvantaged pupils, we recognise that not all pupils who receive free school meals will be socially disadvantaged.
  • Pupil premium funding will be allocated following a needs analysis which will identify priority groups or individuals. Limited funding and resources means that not all children receiving free school meals will be in receipt of pupil premium interventions at one time.

For our Pupil Premium Strategic Plan please see iframe below. You can also click on the blue box directly below to view this and past PPG strategy documents.


 3. Sports Premium Grant (SPG)


The iframe below shows our latest PE & Sport Premium strategy document. For a review of last year and previous documents, see here: