Making our vehicles

In DT, we have been learning all about vehicles including how they move. The children are confident talking about wheels, axles and axle holders. We designed our own vehicles and today the children brought their designs to life. The children even used a saw and hammer to help them create Read more…

Smoothie making

We prepared the fruit and vegetables to make smoothies. Then we used a blender and the children made a prediction on which would be their favourite. I wonder if you can guess which one we liked best by looking at our facial expressions.  

Making playground structures in Y6

For this term’s DT project, Year 6 designed and created their own playground structures. They began by sketching designs of their structures, taking into consideration what makes a successful playground. They then used a range of materials to create 3D structures and the results were absolutely fantastic!

Clay Animals

The children have been working with clay this half term, practising different techniques and designing their own models. The final creations are amazing and the children worked so hard. Well done Year 2! The children are very excited to take their models home.